10.6m x 3m x 1.5m






USV - 11 Meters

The Unmanned Surface Vessel adopts advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, and high-speed communication, which can navigate autonomously or semi autonomously. It can be widely used in in the fields of maritime counter-terrorism and peacekeeping, sea patrol, search and rescue, security supervision, navigation supervision, indiscriminate fishing supervision, anti-smuggling. In the field of national defence, it can be used for naval warfare, escorting/protection of large ships, transportation of special forces or marines, and coastal fire support.

Technical Features

  • -Implementing autonomous operations, independent obstacle avoidance algorithms, and route planning in dense and complex marine environments
  • -The USV is capable of integrated tactical mission profile. Intelligent features and AI provide autonomous control for distributed and adaptive formation arrangements to ensure effective and efficient missions.
  • -The 11-meter USV can be designed to enable operation with a mother ship for fast and safe launching and recovery from the strength.
  • -Plug-and-play efficient module replacement, convenient maintenance, and upkeep
  • -“Composite materials” combined with “lightweight” boat design

Key Parameters to Highlight:

  • The maximum speed of the high-speed unmanned boat: “50 knots”
  • Propulsion for the USV can be provided to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • “Unmanned and Manned Dual control mode” can be switched freely
  • Multiple Choice Communication