Research & Development

FORWIN provides a diverse product portfolio and custom-developed systems, including unmanned helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) , unmanned surface vessel (USV), electro-optical systems for reconnaissance and targeting. Widely used in defense industry and civilian applications. These include intelligence, surveillance, detection, targeting, tracking, and data analysis to facilitate effective command decision-making. Our niche is in the fields of digitalization, unmanned technology leveraging on artificial intelligence (AI).

Our products are compact, lightweight, durable and weather resistant. They are currently used by the military (Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces), law enforcement agencies (police force and Coast Guard), and border patrol forces. In civilian applications, they are also used for strategic infrastructure security and save lives during search and rescue operations.

Quality Management

FORWIN has an excellent and professional engineering and production team. We have well-managed production lines, advanced manufacturing equipments, as well as inspection and environment test instrument. With the world-class quality assurance system, FORWIN can deliver its state-of-art products to customers worldwide.